​Old Moon tattoo Collective

What is OLD Moon all About?

    We at Old Moon Tattoo Collective consider ourselves more than tattooist. We are artists. Though we strive to tell your story visually through beautiful and masterfully done tattoo work; that is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Old Moon Tattoo Collective is a movement, looking to gain momentum not just in Hawai'i or in the United States, but globally. A movement to promote the arts, all of them. We are advocates for art and artists of every discipline and medium.
The Old Moon or Wolf Moon in Native American story is the first full moon of the year, during the desolate, dry, cold of winter when food is at its most scarce. It is during this moon when the wolves amass around the villages and howl out in the night. It is the gathering moon. That is what Old Moon is, the gathering, where the hungry artists of the world, bellowing out in the night, the one's who's desire is unparalleled, the one's who create beautiful reflections and interpretations of the soul of humanity that last through the ages, are amassing.
    We at Old Moon are fully prepared to teach, to learn, to share with every molecule of our being. We long to live in a community that reflects this hunger, this unquenchable thirst.